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Links for The Christian Life

White River Community Church is happy to supply you with links that will support and defend your faith. As well as links that help to answer any questions that you currently have about God and the Bible.

  • A link that has devotionals and resources for you to glean from.

  • A link that allows you to ask almost any question about the Bible and God.

  • A link that will help Christian families.

  • A few colleges that have resources and education for the Christian Life:

  • Bob Jones University is located in Greenville, South Carolina and has a multitude of different degrees. Bob Jones focuses on the Christian Life through all their degrees. They do have online degrees, but it is limited.

  • Moody Bible Institute allows students to focus solely on the Christian faith. Located in Chicago, Illinois, they offer online and in person classes.

  • Whether in person, or online Liberty University allows for students to choose from over 600 degrees. Liberty University is located in Lynchburg, Virginia.

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